3/21/2006 11:38AM

  • me: hey there biz
  • Biz: yello
  • me: try to quit your browser, and then load up sms.odeo.com again
  • Biz: ok
  • I'm in
  • !
  • me: try adding me: 4159630000
  • Biz: it worked
  • my number shows up instead of my name
  • me: gotta change your prefs
  • Biz: my name is biz in prefs
  • lemme try again
  • me: really?
  • Biz: well, it was in there
  • but i just clicked "done" anyway and that worked
  • me: now i see you.
  • Biz: yah
  • me: yeah, we had to delete some things to start over.
  • Biz: 4154200000 is drunk
  • me: jeremy
  • oh, dang. i probably shouldn't be showing phone numbers in the global list. oops!
  • Biz: oh yah
  • /account/profile/1: just setting up my twttr
  • somebody's name is
  • * /account/profile/1
  • wacky
  • me: yeah, that's a bug
  • Biz: we should make the little world icon click to all public updates
  • me: good point
  • Biz: this is ballzy
  • !
  • me: ! i'm getting sms send in there right now
  • meaning we should be able to follow each other via sms soon
  • Biz: awesome!
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