3/21/2006 11:48AM

  • me: i'm getting sms sending out right now
  • csshsh: oh! yeah?
  • does it work well so far?
  • me: yeah, about to deploy it. soon. have to figure out a better way to abstract it. for now, it's in the user model.
  • csshsh: okay..
  • i will take a look at it, in a bit.. maybe i have some ideas..
  • okay.. quick ideas..
  • i would put the sms class in app/models
  • it's part of the domain model..
  • me: a new sms model?
  • csshsh: na. i would move the one that currently is in lib into app/models
  • me: really?
  • hrm
  • csshsh: and as far as testing goes, i would just stub out the send method
  • yep.. it really is part of the domain model of twttr
  • some people think that only objects that inherit from ActiveRecord: :Base should go there. but thats not true..
  • an sms is as much part of the domain model as user, status, etc
  • me: hrm. yeah, that class really needs to be worked on. i guess we should put the sms char limits in there as well.
  • csshsh: ah. yeah. true..
  • it's gonna be so nice to try out the sms implementation =)
  • me: yeah!
  • it's working now.
  • following
  • csshsh: nice!!
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