3/21/2006 10:29AM

  • me: Jeremy! How do I run a migration on guerrero? and what is the password for sms.odeo.com and staging-sms.odeo.com?
  • on mission rake deploy
  • make sure the database.yaml_staging is pointed at brannan
  • oh, and su - oadmin
  • me: i'm getting an application error there, and not sure why.
  • Jeremy: after scrum?
  • me: can i get access to the logs on guerrerro?
  • Jeremy: or now?
  • me: yeah
  • Jeremy: which?
  • me: anytime
  • Jeremy: ok now
  • Jeremy: you have sudo on guerrero now
  • the rails log is in /var/log/user.log
  • apache logs to /var/log/apache2/access.log (and error log)
  • me: could you reset my password? it doesn't seem to be working
  • thanks!
  • Jeremy: this will be changing, as apache will be logging everything to syslog, and all logs will end up in the /var/log/remote/$HOST directory on valencia starting tomorrow or friday at the lasted
  • latest
  • resetted
  • me: thanks!
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